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Julien Da CostaFreddy ForayCedric Tangre

Julien Da Costa took to the motorcycle circuit at the age of 5. He made his motocross début in the company of his friends. But it wasn't until his teenage years that he started experimenting with speed. At the age of 17, he decided to participate in his first track races...

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Chez les Foray, la passion de la moto, c’est une affaire de famille ! Freddy, avec son frère jumeau Kenny, entre déjà tout jeune dans le monde de la moto pour suivre les traces de son père, Joseph Foray. Il débute sa carrière en 2002, en 125 OPEN au guidon d’une...

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Cédric Tangre made his first laps on two wheels on a pw 50 at the age of 4. Encouraged by a passionate father, at the age of 15 he participated in the CAGIVA 125 cup. This race officially launched his career. Cedric Tangre lives life in the fast lane: motorcycle rider...

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