The company Skeed

Military equipment for motorcycling

Aware of the many burns occurring during motorcycle falls, the FFM, concerned about motorcyclists, called upon the only company capable of providing a reliable solution thanks to its expertise in technical fibres. the Kermel® industrial group.

The former "Technical Fibres" division of Rhône-Poulenc, this Alsace-based company specialises in producing meta-aramid fibres. Originally developed for military operations, Kermel® fibre is used for firefighters' clothing, special forces' combat suits and fighter pilot equipment.

The birth of SKeeD

The brand Skeed® was born from the meeting between the FFM's Technical Director and the Kermel group's Development Director, both passionate about motorcycling. This meeting ended in the creation of the only brand specialising in the design of technical base layer clothes for protecting two-wheel drivers against burns:

  • Due to friction with the road during a fall
  • Due to contact with a molten material
  • Due to contact with a material worn at a high temperature
  • Due to a fuel fire

SKeeD's Values

The design of each product is guided by strong brand-specific values:

  • Passionate and responsible: driven by the spirit of motorcycling, it designs quality products so that 2-wheeling is a pleasure in all conditions.
  • Technical and innovative: constantly on a quest to innovate, it produces clothes which blend comfort, thermo-regulation and ergonomics, which are increasingly efficient and responsive to new trends.
  • Expert and Comfortable: Designed by and for motorcyclists, the products guarantee ease and mobility to fully make the most of the pleasure of driving.

For that, it dresses the best professional drivers as well as day-to-day motorcyclists.

The only brand standardised by the Federations

Thanks to technical specificities and the ergonomics of its products, SKEED® is the only sport underclothing brand in the world to benefit from the standardisations and recommendations from the main international motorsports federations:

  • The FFM, the French Motorcycling Federation
  • The FIM, the International Motorcycling Federation
  • The FIA, the International Automobile Federation
  • The SFI, the American Automotive Federation