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The unique caracteristics of Kermel® fibre are at the heart of Skeed technology. Made in France, this fibre does not melt and does not burn, even at high temperatures and has a high thermal inertia. It is naturally soft and stretch, and provides a comfortable second skin.

Thanks to an exclusive use of Kermel® fibre, Skeed® products stand out as technical base layer clothing and benefits from three unique qualities : a high level of burn protection in case of motorcycle fall, a thermal regulation during summer and winter, and a great comfort.

Skeed at the heart of the competition!
Skeed at the heart of the competition!
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An expert in technical base layer clothing for 2-Wheel driving.

SKEED is the European specialist in technical base layer clothing for motorcycling enthusiasts. The brand offers a unique, innovative solution against the risk of burning in case of a motorcycle fall. Products are made exclusively from High Technology Kermel® fibre. Originally developed for military operations, this fibre is mainly used for firefighters' clothing, special forces' combat suits and fighter pilot equipment. It resists very high temperatures as it is intrinsically flame retardant and does not melt. Kermel® fibre also offers exceptional quality in terms of thermal comfort and softness. Thanks to this fibre, SKEED designs products that not only provide a unique level of protection against burns in the event of a fall, but also offer breathability, insulation and cooling. Just like the best thermal underclothes, they keep the body warm in cold weather and manage moisture effectively. The naturally soft, stretchable material used means absolute comfort is guaranteed 

in both summer and winter. The range features motorcycle thermal underwear such as T-shirts, long leggings (underpants) and undersuits. In order to always anticipate the needs and demands of motorcycling enthusiasts, the brand relies on the expertise of the best riders and also that of everyday motorcyclists when designing its racing underwear and riding clothes. Skeed® products are therefore a comfortable second protective skin, even after many uses, and mean that riders stay focused and can fully enjoy the pleasure of riding. Our site has reviews from customers and riders who wear our products, as well as the different tests performed on our products by the press. Attesting to our commitment to motorcyclists' protection and safety, SKeeD® is the only base layer brand in the world in accordnace with the regulations of the FIM (the International Motorcycling Federation) and the FFM (the French Motorcycling Federation).