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Motorcyclists' protection is the top priority of SKeeD®. Two-wheelers are the most vulnerable road users. Motorcyclists' skin is the part of the body that is most subject to aggression during two-wheel driving. In the event of a motorcycle fall, the friction of clothes against the road causes severe heating that can burn the rider's skin or melt the clothes' lining. In the worst case scenario, a burning mechanical component may come into contact with the rider or cause a hydrocarbon fire. To guarantee optimal safety, SKeeD® develops a whole range of products offering the highest level of protection for this kind of incident.

Kermel® fibre, which lies at the core of SKeeD® technology, is used for its unique protection against fire and burns. Made in France, it guarantees a textile of the best quality, resisting intense heat and protecting the skin from external conditions. Produced over 30 years ago, Kermel® fibre is the essential component in clothing for firefighters, response units and the air force in various countries across the world. It is the first survival element in intense heat conditions or in the event of fire.

Thus, the product design and manufacturing processes, backed by drivers' expertise and federation requirements, guarantee the highest level of safety for drivers on 2 wheels.


SKeeD® works in collaboration with high-level riders in order to rely on their experience and their tips to design and produce a product of quality and excellence, thereby guaranteeing optimal safety to users.

Developing SKeeD® competition products involves initially researching the needs of drivers in the most extreme conditions. In both speed and endurance racing, drivers must remain completely focused on their driving and avoid the slightest discomfort from their equipment. SKeeD® products are therefore designed in order to guarantee the best performances in three areas of expertise:

  • Burn protection
  • Heat and moisture management
  • Comfort and ergonomics


Skeed® urban clothes are subject to the same specifications. Every detail is important: seams, hidden zips, product durability, ventilated sections or even outer labelling. Everything has been carefully considered to ensure the best driving experience. Therefore, Skeed® products are a comfortable and protective second skin for two-wheel riders.


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SKeeD® is supported by the FFM and the FIM since its creation. Thanks to its unique specifications and its high level of protection, SKeeD® technology has obtained the recommendations and standardisations of the main motor sports federations. In this way, the FFM (French Motorcycling Federation) and the FIM (the International Motorcycling Federation) advise their licensees to use SKeeD® products for competitive motorcycling.

SKeeD is the only brand in the world to have the 'Approved products' mention of the FIM on the 2017-2020 period.

In France and around the world, motor sports competitions are governed by regulations established by each federation. Under FFM and the IMF regulations, wearing synthetic underclothing or linings is prohibited. In fact, like the majority of conventional textiles, this material is likely to melt or burn in the event of an accident. Thanks to its fire retardant and anti-melt properties, SKeeD® today is therefore the only solution that meets the federations' criteria.

During the brand's early stages of development, SKeeD® also obtained standardisations from the FIA (International Automobile Federation) and the SFI (American motorsports federation). These two others federations use similar regulations to the FIM and the FFM. SKeeD® products are thus perfectly suited to their competitions.